Gary Dellmo



Diebold Nixdorf                               Nomadic Circle Studio

Overhead Door Company                Nicolini Media

Circle K Gas Station                       Shutterstock Custom

Dicor Corporation                          TaigMarks Inc, Steve Taig

25 Again                                        Current 360

The "Wager"                                   Jim Gloyd, Producer

Kroger                                           Kroger production team

Expressway Jeep                             Expressway Advertising

Aspen Dental                                   Impact Communications

MedXcel                                          MAYS Entertainment

LCNB National Bank                           Herbert Brothers Entertainment

Morgan Corporation                          Scott Bourdon Studios

Raben Tire                                       Magnetic Image

Expressway Automotive                      Expressway Advertising

Prudential Insurance                         PPS Group

Indiana Grand Casino                         Plotline productions

HealthCare Providers                         Andy Lake and FME Studios

First Savings Bank                              Filmworks

GenFlex                                           Andy Lake and FME Studios

AgriGold                                           Midwest Studios

MasterBrand Cabinets                        Magnetic Image

Thor Motor Coach                             Thor Motor Coach Productions

Teachers Credit Union                        Nicolini Productions

Kroger                                              Andy Lake

Mack Trucks                                      Leviathon

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virgina           PUNCH Films production

Volkswagon                                        Burning Daylight Productions

Febreze                                             Onion Lab

Hoosier Lottery                                  Road Pictures

AgReliant Commercial                         Midwest-Studios

Speeway Gas Station Commercial        Omnibus Advertising & Marketing                              

Morgan Corporation                            Scott Bourdon Studios   

EIIA/RMU Educational Video                Ken Flasik Carpe Diem Film Production Service  

St. Francis Hospital Commercial           RichmarC Productions                      

Raben Tire Commercial                       Magnetic Image Inc.                       

Dicor Products                                    TaigMark Productions

Frank’s Redhot Sauce                          Herbert Brothers

Ivy Tech College                                 Magnet Films                                                             Concentrated, LLC                            

Carrier Heating and Cooling                 Carrier Corp.                                      

Raben Tire & Auto Service                   Magnetic Image                                 

Meritor Corp. Industrial                       Little Giants                                       

3 Rivers Bank Commercial                     PUNCH Films production                                    

West Suburban Bank Chicago                Filmontage                                         

Bryant Heating & Cooling                     Caldwell VanRiper                            

Political Commercial                            Brabener Cox                                     

Weathertech commercial                     Pinnacle Studios                                

Indianapolis 500 Opener                       Jump Studios                                     

Ansell Glove video                                Ansell Glove                                      

Arvin Meritor Industrial                         Little Giants                                       

Promotional for Fox TV the Fringe          Fox                                                  

Arvin Meritor Industrial                         Little Giants                                       

Infomercial Wrecks to Riches                 Video Impressions                             

Hosier Lottery Commercial                     Road Pictures                                     

Teachable Moments Video                     Creative St. Media                             



Harmony Marketing                                       Scott Bourdon Studios

Saint Vincent Clay Hospital                             Garber Photography                             

DuPage Medical Group                                    Karl & Mark Segal Photography          

PNC Bank                                                       Andy Goodwin                                    

Medical                                                         Abelson Taylor                                                                                                                            

Medical                                                          Zack Burris Productions                      

Software                                                        Fred Blurton Productions                  

Boat  Shoot                                                    Bennington Boats                             

Industrial                                                       Dico Corporation                           

Medical                                                         Abelson Taylor Inc                            

Medical                                                         Abelson Taylor, Inc                           

Dupage Hospital                                            Dupage Hospital                                        

NCAA                                                            Creative St. Media                             

Soar IPOD                                                      Papadakis Agency                             



Morgan Trucks                                             Scott Bourdon Studios

GenFlex                                                      Cladwell VanRiper

Arvin Meritor Industrial                                 Little Giants      



Expressway Automotive                                 Expressway Advertising  






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Was great to see you again and had such a blast on this shoot!!

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